• Lyutivka spicy dip

    Lyutivka spicy dip

    Sassy, intense and emotional – our lyutivka dip is high voltage in a jar. It calls for careful use, a certain restraint, but will add a bit of zing to any dish, even your humble piece of toast. If you love food with some heat, lyutivka will be your perfect aide, always up for new experiments in spiciness. Ingredients It's all organic - hot peppers from Bulgarian farms, black pepper, tomato puree, sunflower oil, salt and vinegar. How's it madeWe roast and peel the peppers. We grind them coarsely, then add the other ingredients and cook until done.

  • Lyutenitsa Hadzhievi Vegan organic

    This traditional Bulgarian recipe revived by harmonica will give you the chance to try something old, something new, something loved, something true. And if it’s true that we are what we eat, the lyutenitsa, along with our rachel and rose hip marmalade, is definitely something Bulgarians can be proud of.In good old times every family in Bulgaria had its own lyutenitsa tradition. Ours is the one with the organically grown peppers, tomatoes and spices. Go ahead, you won’t regret it. Ingredients Grilled organically grown peppers from Bulgarian farms, tomato puree, bio sunflower oil, Himalayan ...