We love to give back

We believe life is not about net-worth but about self-worth - not about profit, accolades, and market share. But about what we have done for the people around us, society, nature. That is why we devote part of our time to volunteering for charity projects carried out by the Art of Living (www.artofliving.org) and pledge to donate 10% of our profits every month in support of their "Care for children" program (http://careforchildren.artofliving.org/)

Every time you place an order on our site, it is a win/win/win situation - you get amazing products at the best price possible, we are happy because we have helped another client improve their nutrition and help habits, and the underprivileged kids get a bit more hope for the future. So, do not hesitate and spread the word to make it a win/win/win/win situation - tell your friends and family, they get great products, you get the satisfaction, we get..... you got the idea.